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Why Write a Blog?

Updated: May 6, 2023

I started blogging years ago, actually. I've always loved writing and sharing real-life struggles and joys as a way to walk with others through the journey of life. My blog was originally a place where I'd write inspiring stories or lessons the Lord was teaching me. I'd say it was successful, but over the years and through many seasons, blog writing became harder to keep up with and manage. My love for writing never changed, the platform did.

After blogging for a while, I was blessed to sign a couple of writing contracts for youth ministry, children's ministry, and women's ministry bible studies, sermon series, and events through Group Publishing Co. and That was a fun time and it allowed me to use my writing talents in a different way, a more practical and scholarly way. It definitely stretched me! However, writing sermon series just never felt like I was truly writing from the heart. I've always wanted to write in such a way that those who read it would feel like a friend and that they could relate. I want you to be able to reach out and take my hand as you read the stories and feel like whether we're close or miles apart, there's something that links us and allows us to walk side-by-side.

Not only did my love for writing propel me into taking on a blog, my love for people is really what keeps this thing alive. I believe we are called to do what we can with what we have and if the Lord is going to use me, I need to be faithful here. We're created with a voice, with something to share with the people around us. We're here on purpose, for a purpose. So, that's what this blog is for me. Purpose. I don't know how God will take it and use it. I don't know whether this step of faith is going to lead somewhere else or if God is just asking me to be faithful with this one thing, but I know that my heart longs to do that.

Be faithful.

Show up.

Be real.



Speak the truth.

Walk by faith.

........And remind myself, and you, that you're not alone.

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